The Mayfield Pet Hospital Team

Dan Winger, Owner.  Dan Winger has worked at Mayfield Pet Hospital for 26 years and has owned the practice since 2011.  Dan prides himself on being a jack of all trades who does everything from maintenance, to assisting, to reception, to running the business.  As Dan says, ““I love dealing with our clients and taking care of the animals.”  Despite his busy schedule as the owner of the practice, Dan often comes in on his off days or after hours to take care of animals, give fluids, or call pet owners to update them on how their animals are doing.  He and his wife Deirdre have a cat name Bella and recently adopted a 5 month old bulldog puppy named Giovanni.
Dr. Nancy Hankins, DVM, Senior Veterinarian.   Dr. Nancy Hankins has been practicing veterinarian medicine for 23 years, including 22 ½ years with Mayfield Pet Hospital.  She is a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Hankins grew up with horses, dogs, cats, and pocket pets and knew she wanted to be a veterinarian when she was 7 years old.  When asked what makes Mayfield Pet Hospital special, she replied, “ Our vets do a lot of communicating with our clients personally.  It’s not enough simply to do the work.  We want to let people know that we really do care and we want the best for every animal.”  When asked about the wall of animal pictures in her exam room, Dr. Hankins says, one year, I decorated my exam room with groundhog pictures and paraphernalia for Ground Hog’s Day, and a client came in shortly after that with a funny photograph which I added to those on my wall.  Since then people have been bringing in cartoons and photos of their pets.  It’s become a “tradition.”  She owns three cats, Millie, Kip, and Gilligan, and is owned by Stinky, the former Mayfield Pet Hospital office cat.  For more on Stinky, please see his bio below.

Dr. Jacyln Olson, DVM.  Dr. Olson knew she wanted to be a veterinarian since she was in the second grade, “I’ve always had a passion for helping dogs and cats!”  From a young age, Dr. Olson had cats and birds, and she began riding horses in kindergarten.  She completed her undergraduate work at University of Findlay and graduated from Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine.   She believes strongly in improving animal health through preventative care: “The more we can prevent now, the better it is for the animal’s health in the long run.”  Dr. Olson’s philosophy can be summed up as follows: “No matter how bad a situation looks, we should always do the best we can because these are not just animals… they’re part of someone’s family.”  Although Dr. Olson’s husband is allergic to cats, the couple has a dog, a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix named Leo.

Dr. Kim Lee, DVM. Dr. Lee has practiced small animal veterinary medicine for 28 years with an emphasis on soft tissue surgery.  Along with the other veterinarians at Mayfield Pet Hospital, she believes that preventative medicine is important to insure a good quality of life for pets.  Dr. Lee is a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine and owns 3 cats – Velma, Daphne, and Leia.

Renee Dyas, Receptionist.  Renee has worked in the field of animal care for 14 years.  She owns 2 cats, Rebel and Sammy, and a Rottweiler named Fred.  She loves helping animals and interacting with Mayfield Pet Hospital’s clients.  

Julie Caskovic, Veterinary Assistant.  Prior to joining the staff of Mayfield Pet Hospital, Julie worked as a Veterinary Assistant at the Stow-Kent Animal Hospital.  She owns a cat named Hercules and a pit bull named Autumn.  Julie volunteers at area animal shelters and is a graduate of Kent State University.

Julianna Hedge, Registered Veterinary Technician.  Julianna graduated from Stautzenberger College with an Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology.  She has worked in the animal health care industry for 2 years and owns 5 cats named Zuko, Nala, Molly, Cheddar, and Jasper, and 2 dogs, Gus and Charlie.

Deirdre Winger, Office Administrator.   Deirdre works hard to keep the office running smoothly.  She owns a cat named Bella and an English Bulldog named Gio.  According to her husband Dan, the best part of working at Mayfield Pet Hospital is the opportunity to work for such a wonderful boss!

Stinky, Part Time Office Cat.  Stinky fractured his pelvis after he fell off the balcony of Marsol Towers.  Since his injury left him with no control over his bladder or stool he was not adoptable.  Fortunately, he decided to adopt Dr. Nancy Hankins, who manually expresses his bladder and stool every day.  Today, Stinky lives with Dr. Hankins and comes into Mayfield Pet Hospital when he feels like it.
Red, Office Cat. Red, who is actually black, is Mayfield Pet Hospital’s Office Cat.  Having only three legs does not stop Red from greeting clients and pets alike, and basically having the run of Mayfield Pet Hospital.  Red and his brother Blue, who also had three legs, were named for the red and blue collars around their necks when they were found abandoned as kittens.

For information or to schedule an appointment, please call  440-442-6500